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Believe it or not, carpeted floors define the outlook of any interior, especially of a cozy home. People who go for a carpeted look like to maintain an elegant interior for many years to come. After all, a carpet is an expensive investment, one that you do not make every now and then. 

However, in addition to the looks, a homeowner wants the carpet to remain dust-free for a healthy environment of the home. The real question is how does one determines the frequency and intensity of the carpet cleaning.

Professionals are of the opinion that a carpet should be professionally washed, cleaned, and vacuumed at least once every year. But, this can vary from the carpet type to size among other factors that we will discuss ahead.  

Many homes might require a professional carpet cleaning once every 6 months if the lifestyle is busy. To help you determine the frequency of your carpet cleaning and shampooing, here are some factors you must consider. 

What is the size of the house?

According to the carpet manufacturers and experts, you should professionally clean your residential carpet once every year or once every 12 months. But, this frequency ideally depends on the number of family members or the residents in the home. 

If there are no children in the house, then you require less frequent shampooing as compared to a household that has kids. 

Do you own pets?

If you own pets that only stay inside, then your frequency of carpet shampooing would be way less than the pets that like to roam outside. 

In case, you leave your pets outside unattended and they roam in the puddle or dirty areas and then come running back in, then you must shampoo your carpet once every 6 months. Pet traffic increases the frequency of carpet shampooing. 

What is the usual traffic flow in your homes? 

There are homes that have minimal foot traffic. But, then there are homes with significant foot traffic. Hallways, lobbies, TV lounges, etc, experience the most foot traffic hence, if these areas are carpeted then you need to clean them quite frequently. 

In fact, if these areas are carpeted, you may need to consider hiring professional carpet cleaners at least once every 4 to 6 months.

How is the weather at your place of residence?

The climate and environment of the area you live in will have a significant impact on the frequency of carpet cleaning and shampooing. In the monsoon areas, the heavy rainfall will lead to muddy feet being dragged all across your carpeted areas inside the house. 

On the other hand, dust storm-prone areas will lead to thick layers of dust getting accumulated on the carpet which you need to shampoo anyway. The longer you wait, the shorter the lifespan of your carpet. 

How to prevent carpets from getting dirty?

If you timely and properly maintain the carpet, the frequency of professional cleaning would greatly reduce. You can come up with a regular routine of vacuuming your carpets once every week especially in heavy traffic areas. Frequent vacuuming will wipe off any accumulated layer of dust and dirt. 

Also, maintain a routine of cleaning the spots of coffee or wine right on the spot by first absorbing the excess liquid and then using a detergent on the affected areas. You can invest in industrial carpet cleaning liquids but they may be costly. 

You can also use table white vinegar as a natural and affordable disinfectant on the affected areas that will get rid of any germs or bacteria. And you can also use baking soda to resolve any stubborn stains. In fact, baking soda also removes any unpleasant odors. 

Here is a quick three-step guide to clean and maintain your carpets:

  • Step 1

Take a little baking soda and sprinkle it on the top of your carpet. Spread the baking soda on the carpet using a broom, and brush it around. Allow the baking soda to cover the deep knitting of your carpet and let it stay there overnight ideally. 

  • Step 2

The next morning, thoroughly vacuum the carpet and collect the excess baking soda in a dustpan. This will help remove any odors as well. 

  • Step 3

Now take a clean and empty spray can and fill it with vinegar. Simply spray it all over the carpet. Even though vinegar has a strong acidic smell, but it will disappear in an hour or two leaving your carpet fresh. 

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